MAD 03: Insomnia

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Movie-A-Day
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Definitely one of Christopher Nolan’s best, Insomnia is simple, elegant, and beautifully layered; pretty much everything that his recent films have not been. It seems like every new Nolan film has been about making things bigger and bigger, more epic in scope and grand in design. But the truly wonderful thing about Insomnia is its deep intimacy with the characters. Thanks in no small part to the talented actors, the film is brimming with the complexities of ethics as an officer of the law. No need for giant set pieces or explosive action scenes; the tension and danger are delivered with nothing more than the power of the camera and the cast. My only gripe is that I would have liked to see Al Pacino really cut loose in his pivotal scenes, as he came off a bit more reserved than I’m used to seeing him. However, if it is to be believed that Pacino did, in fact, not sleep during his time on the production, it’s understandable that his performance might have been a bit inhibited. Regardless, this is truly a stand out film in Nolan’s history, and worth tracking down.

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