MAD 06: Rush Hour

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Movie-A-Day
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It’s strange how much nostalgia can affect our perceptions of films. I guess not really that strange, but strange enough to lead to disappointing re-watching of older movies. I only ever watched the first Rush Hour when I was a kid, and haven’t seen it since then. After watching it today, I feel a bit cheated. I didn’t remember all the terrible jokes, the poor writing, or how annoying Chris Tucker can really be. I didn’t even remember the action being so boring. There were perhaps two fight scenes that still seemed pretty good, but even those didn’t seem nearly as glamorous as I pictured them before I started. I suppose it did well enough in theaters, and more or less gave Brett Ratner his entire career. Rush Hour 2, thankfully, has been replayed on television a number of times since its release in 2001, and remains not only easily the best in the trilogy, but also one of my favorite Jackie Chan films.

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