MAD 09: Lincoln

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Movie-A-Day
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It’s difficult to think of the right words to describe Spielberg’s Lincoln, which is perhaps the most interesting film I’ve watched since starting this project. He is perhaps the most famous of what can only be a handful of directors identifiable by only his last name, a name often associated with words like “blockbuster,” or “record-breaking.” Say what you will about his work, the man knows how to put movies together. And with this historical biopic, it does seem like he’s looking to branch out, to try new and more daring directions. Specifically in this case, a story about congressional politics designed and told like a heist movie. Together with marvelous set and costume design and a solid cast, Spielberg avoids a bland re-telling of how our 16th president inspired a nation, and instead focuses on how through charm and wit (and even a little political underhandedness), Honest Abe was able to accomplish the impossible. Daniel Day-Lewis breathes life into Lincoln in a way that both humanizes and aggrandizes him. From his soft-spoken rural twang to his inexhaustible library of stories and anecdotes to his deep set sorrow masked behind a stubborn will to keep going, this feels like the man himself in his own time. Mention must also be made to the variety of other roles revolving around the central performance. Impressive work from the likes of Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, Lee Pace, and dozens of others abound, all adding up to one of the best historical films I’ve seen in quite a while. I’m not certain it will earn Best Picture at the Oscars this year, but it certainly deserves to be up there.

  1. retry4z says:

    awesome review, you’ve convinced me to go watch it

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