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Machinemen gives the internet another reminder of what makes mixed martial arts so great.


Just a fantastic highlight of what tricking is and all about. Awesome shots by Peter Rulon Miller and I love the music track. Great moves by all these performers!

Beautiful compilation by Sushynator Productions, exhibiting some of the finest ippons throughout history.

Hey everyone! It’s great to be back and sharing my love of fights with you all. And guess what? Today is the birthday of none other than Jackie Chan! Regardless of what you think of him, Chan was an integral part of what martial arts movies are today, and he’s easily one of the most recognizable figures in cinematic history. Bruce Lee may have brought kung fu to the wider public, but it was Chan that kept people coming back for more, if only to see what kind of ridiculous stunts he’d pull off next.

Today, we salute Jackie Chan with a top ten list by Cinemassacre, documenting some of his best fights throughout his long and storied career.

It’s certainly been a while, friends, both for Highlight Highlight and reviews. It’s been a busy month working on the independent fight film Rise and Fail (which you should absolutely check out if you haven’t yet!), but trust me when I say content is coming back strong.

Let’s start off with this fantastic tribute to one of boxing’s best and brightest, the legendary George Benton. Brought to us by TheGreatA, this video highlights Benton’s amazing talent and skill as both a fighter and a trainer, mentoring such great boxers as Pernell Whitaker, Evander Holyfield, and Meldrick Taylor. Don’t be surprised if his fighting style seems a bit familiar, he’s from the birthplace of the Philly Shell, after all.

Hello Japan continues his Brazil series with this tribute to Lil Nog, the often overlooked brother of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria. Although not nearly as successful or popular, Minotouro is still a great fighter, boasting a top level submission game and a very successful run as an amateur boxer in his native Brazil.

Aubtin gives us a great tribute to the Japanese promotion’s storied three year history. Dream is still a pretty young organization, but they’ve given us some outstanding fights. Here’s to their continued success!