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Movies about time travel are a tricky thing to get right; there are endless possibilities of things getting too confusing, too convoluted, too full of plot holes and fridge logic. But when done right, there are just as many endless possibilities for contemplation, cleverness, and fantastic stories. The animation wonder team at Madhouse gets it right with The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Taking the form of an almost too typical anime high school romance, director Mamoru Hosoda doesn’t really look to break the mold on stories about first love, but the characters are fun and interesting, and the story feels like a genuine peek at an ordinary girl surrounded by extraordinary circumstances. Like many other Japanese love stories, it’s cute and sweet and ends on a completely ambiguous but hopeful note.


MAD 06: Rush Hour

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Movie-A-Day
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It’s strange how much nostalgia can affect our perceptions of films. I guess not really that strange, but strange enough to lead to disappointing re-watching of older movies. I only ever watched the first Rush Hour when I was a kid, and haven’t seen it since then. After watching it today, I feel a bit cheated. I didn’t remember all the terrible jokes, the poor writing, or how annoying Chris Tucker can really be. I didn’t even remember the action being so boring. There were perhaps two fight scenes that still seemed pretty good, but even those didn’t seem nearly as glamorous as I pictured them before I started. I suppose it did well enough in theaters, and more or less gave Brett Ratner his entire career. Rush Hour 2, thankfully, has been replayed on television a number of times since its release in 2001, and remains not only easily the best in the trilogy, but also one of my favorite Jackie Chan films.